A man riding a workout bike while watching the Zwift exercise app on his TV

Zwift takes indoor cycling and running into the 21st century by providing a highly engaging visual environment for their users from all over the world—to work out together and compete against one another. 

ZaneRay partnered with Zwift to design and build a direct-to-consumer web store. Onboarding new users was a challenge for Zwift because not only does someone need to install an application on their computer and phone, they also need specific equipment to make the whole game work. By selling trainers and other gear direct to consumers, they could more easily offer a complete integrated solution for new users getting started, and existing users seeking an upgrade.

Zwift.com has a unique technical stack and architecture that ZaneRay worked within to not only create the store, but also integrate to the proprietary gaming system that has a headless architecture.