Zaneray + bigcommerce
Strong partnerships are a foundation to our shared success. Together we can explore what is possible.

Growth through innovation

We have worked both in a headless configuration as well as BigCommerce native, and our work with Yeti Cycles, Black Diamond Equipment and Oboz Footwear led to three back-to-back BigCommerce Headless Partner awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022. As BigCommerce continues to innovate as a leading open SaaS platform, we look forward to continuing to partner closely on many projects to come.

Scalable solutions that deliver

A creative environment with no limitations

As they say, ‘the sky is the limit,’ which fuels our imagination to create award-winning, branded shopping experiences and backend solutions to manage them. We’ve found BigCommerce to be an ideal platform to dream big and deliver.

A flexible platform, built for agility

Whether transitioning off of a monolithic platform, or adding a B2B instance to your D2C site, we leverage the flexibility of BigCommerce to integrate a tech stack best suitable for your needs today and tomorrow. Plan to expand internationally? No problem.

Driven by robust design systems

By establishing the visual language of a site with building block styles and UI patterns, our design system-centric approach is tooled for design-dev synergy, while providing brand and UX consistency and extensibility down the road.

Yeti Cycles

Empowered to drive the UX

Leveraging our design system, reusable components, and BigCommerce product data, the Yeti team has been able to build highly immersive and interactive new pages within minutes. They can also automate the launch of product releases, completing the work in advance and scheduling it to go live at a future date and time. This pliable framework will continue to support Yeti’s brand and business needs as they evolve and grow.

Black Diamond Equipment

Complex data, smooth delivery

BigCommerce was selected as the platform partner best suited to support a headless architecture for the new Black Diamond site given their advanced APIs that provide access to their platform. This, coupled with a flexible CMS, gave Black Diamond the capabilities they were looking for without compromising on requirements.

Oboz Footwear

Sell more and brand more

BigCommerce was selected as the partner best suited for the new direct-to-consumer Oboz Footwear site. Oboz was looking to elevate the overall brand experience on their site, integrating their brand values and stories throughout the shopping experience. BigCommerce’s commitment to composable commerce allowed our team to leverage a more robust CMS to elevate the overall brand experience on a site that is highly optimized to sell.

Experiences on BigCommerce by ZaneRay