Zaneray + Shopify Plus
Working together to bring brands to the next level on Shopify Plus. It's time to grow.

Shopify Elevated

As a Shopify Plus partner, ZaneRay has assembled a dedicated and highly skilled Shopify team to reimagine ways to push further creatively, leveraging proprietary technologies and systems to seamlessly weave immersive brand experiences into shopping flows, to get the most out of the Shopify Plus platform.

The crew at ZaneRay thoroughly understands the end game. Working with agencies can be challenging, but ZaneRay's unique approach aligned their experience tightly with our needs. Their agile team found ways to work around the challenges. The end product exceeded the high standards we have set for James.

Michael Hoefer, CEO, The James Brand

From startup to enterprise...

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Technology to unlock branded experiences

Unique experiences can be hard to design within platforms, which is why ZaneRay has developed systems and tools to unlock the creative potential of what’s possible for your brand on Shopify Plus.

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Your catalyst for scalable growth

ZaneRay accelerates speed-to-market by offering a robust and extensible design system, tooled to enable synergies between design, development, engineering, and marketing. We create these tools and systems to enable brand teams to operate their Shopify site directly.

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A dedicated team of Shopify experts

With a seasoned, dedicated team of Shopify Plus experts, continuously innovating on the platform, ZaneRay provides unique solutions and experiences for brands that are looking to take their Shopify site to the next level.

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Cutting Through The Smoke

Breeo is committed to pioneering the best ways to enjoy wood-burning fire. Breeo came to ZaneRay with a request to help them move off of their Headless Shopify Site onto Shopify Plus. The redesigned website has reinforced Breeo's position as a leader in the live-fire cooking category by making recipes and cooking content highly discoverable while browsing products. These experience improvements, along with the move onto the Shopify native platform, empowered the Breeo team to launch new product categories shortly after launch, and they continue to do more by leveraging their new design system and theme.

The James Brand

Digital Solutions For An Analog Life

The James Brand supports a lifestyle where an everyday carry tool is essential. Their products are made for people who live for adventure and every knife or tool has a unique purpose and story behind it. The James Brand’s existing site was split into two different experiences - a CMS based website that was aiming to tell the story of each unique product, and a Shopify site that functioned separately as the retail site. The goal of this project was to combine these experiences into one premium site, incorporating the storytelling and lifestyle elements of the brand throughout the shopping experience.

Howler Brothers

"Heeding the Call" with Howler Brothers

ZaneRay worked closely with Howler Brothers to fully understand their brand persona and lifestyle. Shopify Plus was a great platform solution that was chosen based on their requirements. Our goal was to create a new design system that leveraged reusable components to feature artwork and imagery in a way that fostered an emotional connection with their customers. These unique components made it easier to shop Howler’s frequently expanding product line through an elevated interactive experience. Another priority of the new site was to incorporate video vignettes and animation throughout the shopping journey.

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