Go Everywhere. Stay Anywhere.

THOR Industries

The THOR family of companies represents the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. They offer a comprehensive range of RVs and travel tools to inspire and empower everyone to Go Everywhere. Stay Anywhere. In 1980, they embarked on a journey to connect people with nature and each other. Today, they continue that journey by leading a global collection of brands that make it easier and more enjoyable for families of all types to create lasting outdoor memories.

THOR Industries home page on laptop


Help Consumers Choose the Right RV Type

The ‘RV Types’ section on the THOR Industries site plays a critical role in the early stages of RV research and selection for consumers. We had an opportunity to reimagine the way these pages look and function, to better educate consumers about the differences between RV Types, allowing them to narrow in on the perfect RV for their lifestyle. This process began with a clear brief from the THOR team and alignment on the specific objectives for these pages.

  • Increase time spent on site
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase number of other pages visited
  • Increase conversion with more clicks to the operating companies


Iterative Design and Development

Together we created a strategic brief that outlined distinct objectives by page which informed our creative process. The design phase included wireframing, establishing user flows and multiple rounds of design cycles. Once completed, we moved into the development phase, building out pages and interactive elements, reusable components and implementing analytics tagging. We also conducted user testing on both mobile and desktop devices as well as AB testing.  Both forms of testing provided insight into areas of friction and opportunities to optimize the experience which led our team into a final round of design and development prior to launching the experience for consumers.   

Collectively, we have adopted an iterative design approach which allows for user testing and validation steps in all of our projects. Listening to the voice of the consumer is paramount to the success of the THOR Industries website and our relentless drive for consumer centricity.


Illustration and Interactivity with Intent

The new design elevated the relatively flat experience, to interactive and intentional. We created intricate, custom illustrations to represent RV side views and floorplans in a clean and modern way. A fun and playful two-tone feature icon library demonstrates the distinct features with a quick and easy visual cue. We introduced a subtle parallax movement to keep users engaged and in-page navigation to help mobile and desktop users quickly navigate to the RV Type they are interested in. Feature hotspots provide an interactive and engaging interface for learning about each RV Type, serving up information, imagery or video content. Rich image galleries are used to display immersive product and brand photography, bringing the experience to life. Lastly, strategic CTA’s drive users into the conversion path at the right time.

Time on RV Type Pages
Number of Pages Viewed
Bounce Rate
Time Spent on Site
Conversion Rate

As we continue to focus on the voice of the consumer and removing barriers of entry, we partnered with ZaneRay to identify a key decision point for consumers that was not being fully optimized in our web experience.  When we looked at our website performance, these pages did well and had some of our highest conversion, but we knew they could be better. ZaneRay crafted an excellent plan for us to learn, design, implement and test a new approach to these pages, which has paid off in efficiency, bounce rate and time on site.  We are incredibly thankful for our partners at ZaneRay, who always take a consumer centric view of our business and provide recommendations and guidance to ensure we are delivering the optimal digital experience.

Denise Chariya - Director of Marketing, THOR Industries