A child having a pillow fight with his parents on a bed

Cariloha asked ZaneRay to design and develop a new website, one that would provide a better expression of the brand and its purpose while also migrating them off of the Magento platform. This move would better equip their internal team to manage the site directly without having to rely on the support of a developer to make changes. From our first conversation with the Cariloha team, we connected to their mission and the purpose behind their products. It is quite difficult to articulate how soft their products are, but there is a customer review on their site that does a pretty good job of describing what it’s like to sleep in their sheets - "Imagine laying on a cloud surrounded by bunnies, chinchillas and baby ducks."

About Cariloha

Cariloha has been turning self-replenishing bamboo fields into luxuriously soft and eco-friendly fabrics since 2007, creating an exclusive collection of sustainable bedding, clothing and bath goods. Inspired by the energy of the islands, Cariloha’s mission is to create natural luxury products that are both comfortable and sustainable.