Ford mustang

The ZaneRay Group collaborated with Covercraft to bring their expertise online by developing a website that is both customer and vehicle-centric. This custom website is designed to cater to the unique needs of each vehicle, allowing customers to shop by specifying the vehicle they wish to protect. It displays all compatible products for the selected year, make, and model, ensuring a perfect fit. The site is powered by a data-driven framework which, despite its complexity, delivers a highly effective shopping experience by swiftly presenting products that are directly compatible with the customer's vehicle.

About Covercraft

Covercraft, established in 1965 and manufacturing all products in the USA, is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers. With a rich history that includes over 80,000 patterns, their catalog covers car models dating back to the 1917 Model T. Over the years, Covercraft has significantly broadened its range to include hundreds of protection products not just for vehicles, but also for RVs, boats, and even seat covers for personal aircraft. Their commitment to quality and comprehensive coverage has positioned them as a leader in the market for automobile interior and exterior protection products.