ZaneRay played a crucial role in helping Dalbello Boots transition from a monolithic web platform to a modern tech stack managed by the parent company EOC (Elevate Outdoor Company) internal web development team. ZaneRay’s expertise in web development and e-commerce allowed for a seamless migration, enabling Dalbello to offer their products online to shoppers in the US. Additionally, ZaneRay facilitated the inclusion of translated product data in six languages, making the website accessible to a global audience. Thanks to ZaneRay’s support, Dalbello Boots now have a user-friendly, multilingual e-commerce platform that caters to their customers’ needs while aligning with modern web development standards.

About Dalbello

Dalbello Ski boots have a rich history that dates back to 1974, when Alessandro Dal Bello founded the company in Italy. Initially focusing on producing custom boots for professional skiers, Dalbello soon gained a reputation for innovative designs and high-performance products. Over the years, the company expanded its product line and distribution network, becoming a global leader in ski boot manufacturing. Today, Dalbello continues to push the boundaries of ski boot technology, providing skiers of all levels with comfortable, high-quality boots that enhance their performance on the slopes.