Keystone RV

Cougar RV parked in front of a lake with two men fishing on a boat next to it.

Keystone RV is the #1 manufacturer of towable recreational vehicles in North America. As the leader, Keystone has continually stayed out in front of their competition through product innovation, customer experience and support, creative marketing and their digital channel. Looking to stay out in front, Keystone wanted to take their website to another level of customer engagement. Keystone selected ZaneRay to devise a strategy to design and develop a new website. Launched in late fall of 2020, the new KeystoneRV website delivered on all the goals for the brand. This included enabling their team to manage the site ongoing without requiring developers to make the changes.

A critical part of Keystone’s digital strategy is an app for their dealer sales personnel that educates, incentives and rewards dealers for Keystone sales. ZaneRay developed this app as a progressive web application (PWA), leveraging access to product data from the new website. The app has had very successful adaptation by dealer sales teams and will continue to enable Keystone to enhance their direct relationships and communication with their dealers.