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ZaneRay has formed a partnership with, undertaking the task of redesigning all their current tools and workflows, as well as crafting the design for their next-generation tools. This collaboration highlights our commitment to enhancing the online-to-offline commerce experience, contributing to a system that seamlessly integrates digital and physical retail dimensions.

About stands at the forefront of bridging the gap between online and offline commerce, particularly vital in an era where direct brand sales are increasingly common. Despite concerns about the future of brick-and-mortar retail, industries like the Outdoor Industry recognize the crucial role dealers play in guiding customers to the right specialty outdoor products. offers an invaluable toolset and a highly sought-after database of retailer inventory. Their offerings include a comprehensive database of retail store inventory to connect users with local products, maps, and purchasing tools integrated into brand websites for viewing and reserving local product inventory, and dealer tools for effortless product listings on their websites. Additionally, their flagship site,, allows users to shop at various local stores. Originally rooted in the Outdoor Industry, is rapidly expanding its services to multiple other markets, enabling brands to support their dealers by directing sales to them and providing consumers with immediate access to products without shipping costs.