MasterCraft teamed up with ZaneRay for a website redesign overhall, resulting in a robust design system with a modular structure. By leveraging a CMS and component architecture, the new site provides the MasterCraft team with enhanced creativity and flexibility. This redesign captures the very essence of the MasterCraft brand, enriching it with a sense of luxury and immersion. The collaboration not only elevates the user journey but it also ensures that every interaction on the site reflects MasterCraft's commitment to excellence and innovation.

About MasterCraft

MasterCraft's journey began in 1968 when it crafted its first ski boat in a two-stall horse barn on a farm. Today, they have evolved into a powerhouse with over 1,000 engineers designing and building thousands of surf, wakeboard, and tournament ski boats each year at their headquarters in Vonore, Tennessee. MasterCraft boats are renowned both nationally and internationally, ruling the waters of over 40 countries. Offering the most models in the industry, their unparalleled quality and performance highlight their leadership and innovation in the boating world.