Sea To Summit USA

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ZaneRay developed a custom application for the Sea to Summit USA website, catering to both professional and consumer customers. This innovative approach includes an automated professional application process, significantly streamlining what was once a manual system for Sea to Summit. This enhancement not only improves efficiency but also enriches the overall user experience. Our work for Sea to Summit USA, the US and Canadian distributor of the Australian-based company, involved presenting the brand and its products digitally in these regions, particularly as they ventured into direct-to-consumer sales. The website provides detailed insights into each product, including technical specifications, videos, and customer reviews, all aimed at educating consumers at every step.

About Sea to Summit

If you're into backpacking, camping, paddling, or adventure travel, you're likely familiar with Sea to Summit's products. Known for their passionate and meticulous design, Sea to Summit's offerings stand out for their practical functionality. Their range includes unique items like river booties, a women-specific sleep system, ultra-light hammocks, and versatile camp kitchen pans. Each product and accessory is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that Sea to Summit remains a go-to brand for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and innovative gear. As the US and Canadian face of an Australian brand, Sea to Summit USA plays a crucial role in bringing these well-conceived products to a wider audience.