Sterling Rope

Man climbing a rock wall

Being part of the Vertical Supply Group family of companies (Sherrilltree, Tree Stuff, Silky Saws), Sterling was the next VSG brand looking to redesign and develop a more brand forward e-commerce site with a focus of integrating branded content throughout the shopping experience on the site. We love working with the VSG family of companies as well as the arborist and climbing communities to ensure that the site experiences that we create speak to the culture and needs of these unique customer groups.

About Sterling Rope

Sterling Rope has been making the highest quality and most innovative static and dynamic rope for 25 years. Their products provide their users the freedom to focus, whether climbing for fun or using rope for safety or rescue pursuits. Sterling Rope is also a carbon neutral company with over 95% of the raw fiber they purchase gets made into finished rope, with the remaining fiber being either recycled or repurposed.