Thor Industries

5th Wheel Camper in the desert

ZaneRay developed the Thor site using a headless CMS using Vue for a progressive web application (PWA). This allows for the flexibility of serving up rich content with optimal performance on all devices. THOR is working with a few different groups for the content and needed the ability to enable these teams to add to the site without requiring additional development. ZaneRay designed several reusable elements or components within the CMS that can be used to build out new pages, stories or additional content without the aid of programming. This approach provides administrators with a great deal of creativity and flexibility, yielding a highly immersive user experience. We invite you to explore this new site but a word of caution, you might end up purchasing a new RV in the process!

About THOR Industries

THOR Industries isn’t just one RV brand, it is a family of RV companies. Founded in 1980 with the purchase of Airstream, THOR has continued to acquire some of the industry’s top RV companies, which together make up the world’s largest RV manufacturer—THOR Industries. THOR expanded their RV family to include Erwin Hymer Group, the largest RV manufacturer in Europe.

Not limiting their acquisitions to only RV manufacturers, THOR also had the vision to purchase other companies that offer products and services that complement their RV brands. These companies focus on enhancing the connectivity, enjoyment, safety and convenience of RV ownership and use. They include an RV rental company, some trip planning services in North America and Europe, among others.

With the recent global expansion of manufacturing and services, THOR rebranded their corporate image to align with values that celebrate family, exploration and love of the outdoors, all common values we share at ZaneRay. Part of this rebranding was a website designed and developed by ZaneRay.

The THOR Industries website is designed to inspire a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts to “Go Everywhere, Stay Anywhere”. The site includes several ways customers can engage with the brand including an RV Finder, an RV101 section, an introduction to all the THOR brands and some rich storytelling that gives customers glimpses into RV life, including some great camping recipes.