Toad & Co

Man wearing float and woman laughing while outdoors

ZaneRay partnered with Toad & Co for several years designing and developing a few generations of their website as the brand grew in their success and challenged the team with their fun and engaging ideas for their site.

Following their momentous decision to change the brand name to Toad & Co, ZaneRay devised a strategy to help the company transition to a new website and branding - without losing hard-earned search engine traffic and rankings. While ZaneRay no longer supports the brands digital channel, we remain big fans of their products and their sustainable approach to their successful business.

About Toad & Co

Toad & Co, originally Horny Toad, was a young apparel company seeking a new ecommerce package for their front end on the Web. Having out-grown their current vendor, they were looking for a flexible site provider who could meet unique needs, leverage their site to include a dealer extranet, and provide a promotional site for employees and wholesalers.