Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe came to ZaneRay by way of referral from another partner agency. They were on Shopify and were looking for a design and development agency that could help them migrate to Shopify 2.0 with a goal of elevating the brand and shopping experience on the site. Our approach was to focus on the enhancements that mattered the most in order to get the site live in three months, and then iteratively enhance it from there. Since the launch, Tom Beckbe has already experienced significant growth that surpassed expectations. Our team continues to enhance and optimize the site to continue driving sales while continuing to build the brand.

About Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe was born out of a failed quest to find a jacket that was functional in both the field and the city. The result was the creation of the first Tensaw jacket in 2015 and from there they created an entire product line that draws inspiration from their natural setting, producing classic outdoor equipment with time-tested, rugged materials. They actively use every item that they sell and they don’t chase trends.making durable apparel and accessories that will work today and years from now.