Man skiing down a mountain using Volkl skis

ZaneRay was hired by Völkl to create a new website, which involved porting the site from their legacy system onto the core Elevate Outdoor Collective infrastructure. This included a lot of data migration and re-interpreting the brand to ensure a seamless user experience. One of the bigger tasks was supporting product data in six languages. The new site is a global brand site that showcases Völkl's product lines, including skis, poles, bags, skins and apparel. It provides a comprehensive shopping experience for customers around the world, with intuitive navigation and informative content. 

About Völkl

Völkl, a German company founded in 1923 by Georg Vogl Sr., is a leading brand in ski manufacturing. They started with handcrafting wooden skis and later introduced innovations that revolutionized the ski industry. Völkl is especially strong in competitive skiing, with many top racers opting for their skis due to their superior performance and precision. Their commitment to innovation and technology has contributed to their global recognition as one of the best ski brands in the world.