A man riding a workout bike while watching the Zwift exercise app on his TV

ZaneRay partnered with Zwift to develop a direct-to-consumer web store, addressing the challenge of onboarding new users. Given that users need to install an application on their computer and phone, as well as acquire specific equipment for the full experience, our focus was to facilitate this process. By selling trainers and other necessary gear directly, Zwift can now offer a more comprehensive and integrated solution for newcomers and those looking to upgrade. In building zwift.com, ZaneRay operated within a unique technical stack and architecture, not only creating the store but also integrating it with Zwift’s proprietary, headless gaming system.

About Zwift

Zwift revolutionizes indoor cycling and running by transporting these activities into a highly engaging, visually rich, 21st-century environment. Users from around the globe can work out together and compete against each other in this interactive platform. The immersive experience that Zwift offers goes beyond traditional indoor exercise, fostering a sense of community and competition, making fitness a more enjoyable and socially connected activity. Their innovative approach to blending gaming with fitness has established Zwift as a pioneering force in the digital fitness realm, attracting users worldwide.