Up In The Trees with Bishop Co

Arborist cutting branches in a tree with a chainsaw
September 25, 2020

Bishop Co. is the third site that ZaneRay has launched under the umbrella of the Vertical Supply Group, which also includes Sherrilltree and TreeStuff. When we initially began speaking to Vertical Supply Group, VSG had communicated their plan of launching multiple sites with the hope of sharing and integrating multiple backend systems that could be used by all. From that discussion, ZaneRay set out to design a framework that would support an integrated backend system supporting multiple storefronts. This approach required ZaneRay to design an optimized BigCommerce theme that was designed to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each brand, while providing a common and shared framework that streamlined their site management processes for all. This approach offered VSG a way to gain economies of scale across their multiple properties, while maintaining the flexibility that was required for each.

All of these brands, including Bishop, have nurtured and maintained a loyal customer base who now have the benefit of shopping options, whether they be in their brick and mortar stores, through a product rep, or through their e-commerce stores. There is a B2B feel on the D2C sites, where users are able to shop using a quick order grid, a feature that would typically be found on a B2B site specifically. In the case of Bishop, many if not most of their customers are businesses, so it made sense to expose that as a standard shopping tool on the site. There is also an option to upload a CSV file for bulk ordering, which is another feature that one would typically find hidden behind the wall of a B2B site. VSG knows their customers well and are willing to offer unique solutions that meet their specific needs. In launching these new sites for VSG, ZaneRay is able to leverage the work that has been done before, creating a shorter design and development effort and time frame for all other projects to follow.

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