Cutting Through The Smoke


Breeo is more than just a firepit. They deliver smokeless and cooking innovation that improve gatherings with friends and family around the fire.


Breeo came to ZaneRay with a request to help them move off of their Headless Shopify Site onto Shopify Plus. There was a strong desire to reduce some of the complexities of their headless implementation and take advantage of some of the new features and enhancements that were included in the new platform release. As Breeo continued to innovate and add new accessories and products to their product line, their team needed to be able to manage the site more efficiently and increase marketing velocity.

Influence of Approach

As a Shopify Plus partner, we have assembled a dedicated and seasoned Shopify team that has created an extensible design system specifically made for Shopify Plus. This design system allows our team to do what we do best, design and build highly branded eCommerce experiences that sell more products.


Our primary goal for this project was to quickly move Breeo onto the Shopify Plus native platform, implement our design system, and establish a new framework that would allow both ZaneRay and the Breeo team to better support all of the planned site enhancements and future work on a framework that would better support future initiatives.

User Experience

The revamped user experience provided targeted product education to guide users in selecting the ideal fire pit setup that complements their lifestyle. Bundles and accessories relevant to each fire pit were strategically integrated into the entire purchase journey, from initial category landing pages to individual product pages. The redesigned website also reinforced Breeo's position as a leader in the live-fire cooking category by making recipes and cooking content highly discoverable while browsing products. These experience improvements empowered the Breeo team to launch new product categories shortly after launch and within their future roadmap.


ZaneRay was able to complete the initial design and build project in just three months while also enhancing the brand experience and simplifying the back end. Our team is now able to continue designing and building on a much more efficient framework, one that also supports increased marketing velocity for the Breeo team.