Traeger Grills

A man grilling vegetables in the winter on a Traeger

Traeger has definitively emerged as the leader in pellet grilling and has made it their mission to convert the gas-grilling masses, enlightening them on the benefits of cooking with wood while also organizing and supporting an entire community of wood-fired enthusiasts. They have done an amazing job of connecting their community by offering classes, sponsored events and premium content, establishing Traeger as a lifestyle brand whose products support an emerging food culture and movement. With a line of premium grills that range in size as well as features, Traeger has not only provided a premium product line that supports their wood-fired claims, they have also minimized the learning curve by including automated features and apps that allow new convertees to experience success right out of the gate.

Traeger reached out to ZaneRay to help them design a better eCommerce experience for their new site. Having invested in a more sophisticated and modern technical stack, Traeger wanted to leverage ZaneRay’s design expertise to create the best-branded eCommerce experience to support a lifestyle that they have cleverly coined as the 'Traegerhood.'