Traeger Grills

A man grilling vegetables in the winter on a Traeger

ZaneRay was approached by Traeger to enhance their e-commerce experience for their new website. Leveraging a modern and sophisticated technical stack, Traeger sought our expertise in design to craft an exceptional branded e-commerce experience. This initiative aligns perfectly with the lifestyle concept they've aptly named the 'Traegerhood.' Our collaboration aimed to encapsulate the essence of their brand and the unique culinary culture they foster, ensuring the online experience mirrors the premium quality and community spirit inherent in their products.

About Traeger

Traeger has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the world of pellet grilling. Their mission extends beyond selling grills; they aim to convert gas-grill users to wood-fired enthusiasts, highlighting the superior taste and benefits of cooking with wood. Their success is evident in their robust community engagement, which includes offering classes, sponsoring events, and providing premium content. This approach has not only positioned Traeger as a key player in an emerging food culture but also as a lifestyle brand at the heart of a growing movement. Their product line features premium grills of various sizes and capabilities, all designed to validate their wood-fired claims. Furthermore, they have streamlined the user experience for newcomers by integrating automated features and apps that ensure immediate cooking success, reducing the learning curve for those new to the world of pellet grilling.