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Since the very beginning, evo has had a very clear mission - to make life better by building community and igniting the adventurous spirit that lives within us all. ZaneRay has been a long-standing partner with evo, supporting them in design and front-end development and translating their culture and in-store experience into their digital channel.

evo Communities viewed on a laptop and mobile device

Communicating A Mission

In the latter part of 2020, ZaneRay worked with evo to help define and create the ‘evo Community Hub’. This hub was created to showcase evo’s mission, culture and community in action. For many years, evo has supported a number of non-profit organizations that closely align with their core values, and over time, they have built an actual community that they have invited to share in their mission.

While evo has been fostering this community and building it over the course of many years, they had never really presented it in a way that clearly communicated their community-building effort or the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

Defining A Visual Language Across Channels

The evo team had done some brainstorming beforehand and we started the project with a series of workshops to align our thinking around the challenges as well as possible solutions for how to pull it all together. These sessions led to some bigger picture thinking, resulting in a clearly defined visual language around the Community Hub that extended into the in-store experience as well as the new brand motifs. We leveraged the use of this visual language to set the tone for future creative for digital, print and retail.  These efforts led us to a defined strategy for how the digital community would be best expressed on the website.

User Experience

The outputs of these activities provided a clear direction for our work, inspiring the new concepts and designs that allowed our front-end developers to bring the new Community Hub experiences to life along with evo’s development team. Beyond the branding and communication aspects of it, there was also a need to refine and enhance the user experience around some of the new offerings.

Meet the evo Ambassadors

The new enhanced designs for ambassadors section has elevated the bios by introducing high quality images showing them in action while also featuring their brand sponsors and ‘kit’. This section is much more dynamic, introducing overlays to provide additional copy while maintaining the images as well as allowing the user to interact further by clicking into their profile, where they can experience more images, videos and related products.

New Community Hub Offerings

The Community Hub is just that, a place where you can learn more about how to select certain types of products, meet their ambassadors, learn more about what evo cares about, access instructional videos, and be informed of upcoming events. They even offer the ability to purchase a line of products that donate a larger percentage of their proceeds to the organizations that they support.

Visualizing Core Values

In regards to their philanthropic activities, there was a desire to establish a better way to visually communicate the impact of their support as well as to measure their future efforts moving forward. The ZaneRay team worked to develop the concepts for how evo’s philanthropic initiatives could be better visualized in the hub, providing data visualization designs to display an aggregate real-time view of the impact of these efforts.


The new hub allows evo’s customers to connect with the brand in a more meaningful way by offering a clear understanding of what their purchases support and inviting them to participate and share in their mission as members of the community. Since the launch of the Community Hub, evo has seen a… (Success metrics?)